Ball transfer unit

 The “Victoria” Ltd. company manufactures new, patented in Ukraine and Russia type of ball transfer units.

In western countries the ball transfer units are used in many areas of industry, trade, service business, they are universal elements of transporting of different heavy or long-length loads. The ball transfer units are used in many different constructions starting from the special furniture, simple adaptations, assembling tables, productive lines, equipment of different industries of mechanical engineering, to the vast balls areas and automated storages.

         Goods and materials transportation systems manufactured on the basis of ball transfer units provide the easy and exact transferring of loads in a single plane in any direction. The ball transfer units can be successfully used as rolling-contact bearings. A ball transfer unit consists of one large bearing ball that is situated in the bed of smaller balls. This bed is made out of carbon tempered or natural steel, or non-rusting steel in semi-sphere form that creates ideal conditions for rolling of balls of smaller diameter. Such construction turns the sliding friction into the friction of rolling and allows making load’s weight manipulation with minimum effort. For example, in order to move a load with help of ball transfer units it is needed effort that equals 5% of load’s weight. To maintain further motion it is needed effort that equals only 2-3% of load’s weight.

       A ball for making of ball transfer units can be not only metallic one (bearing-grade steel, stainless steel) but also polymeric one (polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, teflon, nylon, silicon etc.), and similarly ceramic one. Operating temperatures in the zone of exploitation of ball transfer units using polymeric, metallic or ceramic balls can be in range from 70ºС till 315ºС, which extends an application area of ball transfer units essentially.

Depending on the customer wishes and application environment a ball transfer unit can be manufactured in any combination of components from the following row:

-housing from carbon natural steel

-housing from carbon tempered steel

-housing from stainless steel

-bearing ball from bearing-grade steel

-bearing ball from stainless tempered steel 95Х18

-bearing ball from stainless natural steel of 12Х18Н10Т

-bearing ball from polymeric materials

-bearing ball from ceramic materials

-small balls from stainless tempered steel 95Х18

-small balls from stainless natural steel of 12Х18Н10Т

-small balls from polymeric materials

-small balls from ceramic materials

A static load on one ball transfer unit can constitute from 200 kg up to 1000 kg and more. Working position of ball transfer unit can be both with the bearing ball in upward position and with bearing ball in downward position, if realization of certain structural changes takes place.

 In woodworking industry the ball transfer units can be used for moving of chipboards, fiberboards, squared beams, boards, saw timber packages from working zones to the places of packetization and warehousing.

In furniture industry the ball transfer units can be used in the moving systems (conveyers) for moving of cabinet furniture workpieces providing undamageability of laminated surfaces of wares.

In the zones of assembling of furniture constructions the working surfaces out of ball transfer units can be created for the facilitation of manipulations with furniture constructions at assembling, which diminishes number of workers and facilitates hand labour.

      In furniture constructions (closets, built-in closets, transformer furniture, stands, tables, kitchen sets etc.) the ball transfer units can be used as rolling knots in the elements of moving (sliding shelves, trays, table tops, separate parts of furniture constructions).      It is possible to use ball transfer units with a polymeric bearing ball for the process of treatment of glass wares, mirrors or ready-made constructions from glass.