Rubber balls

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  • NBR (nitrile rubber)
  • EPDM (ethylenic propylene)
  • VITON (fluor-substituted elastomer)
  • VMQ (silicone)
  • Polyurethane
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Modern technology provides a wide variety of elastomers, of which we can choose the most appropriate one for the production of special mixtures compatible with any kind of liquid.

Balls made of these kinds of materials are characterized by a very narrow tolerance. These balls are extraordinarily universal and quite in addition to their features of corrosion resistance. Moreover, they don’t require any lubrication.

The most common applications include safety and check valves, pumps, special light bearings, liquid dosing apparatus, battery indicators, and medical equipment.

Special rubber melts are produced on request for very special applications, such as susceptibility to steam effect, corrosion liquids or high temperatures.