Polymer hollow balls

Price on request

Sizes from 1.5 mm to 500 mm

– Very light

– High heat resistant

– Do not require lubrication

– Resistance to oxidation and deterioration

– Provide electrical and thermal insulation

– Nonmagnetic

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Plastic balls are produced with a usage of common or special polymer rubber, the diameters range is from 1.5mm up to 150mm. They can be used instead of balls from common or stainless steel in different industry fields at lower cost, than the metal ones.

Plastic balls are very light because they have little specific weight, high resistance to heating and provide smooth and noiseless run without rubbing. As opposed to traditional metal balls, they don’t require lubrication.

Another of their important property is excellent resistance to oxidation and deterioration, that makes possible to use them in corrosive mediums during a long time. They provide also electrical and thermal insulation, they’re nonmagnetic. The most suitable type of synthetic material can be chosen from a wide range of plastics with different characteristics.

The most diffused applications are plastic ball transfer units and rollers, ball-bearings for furniture, micro-pumps for sprayers, dispensers, valves and pumps, precision devices, control, and measurement equipment, photographic gear and pharmaceutical equipment, computers, air conditioners,  automated machinery, photocopy devices, and other industrial equipment.