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The ZMS Plant of the Steel Balls in Tomsk, Russia, has many years' experience of the steel balls and pneumatic bullets production.
Balls are used in all industries, literally, they surround people in their day-to-day life. An essential thing is irreplaceable, so we notice it only when it’s disappeared. The airplanes will stop flying, the trains and automobiles will stop moving, even Your ballpoint pens will stop writing, if the balls within them are removed. This is where we’re working for to make everything flying, moving, floating and writing, and we’re working at products containing our balls to be more wear-proof, quiet, lighter and unnoticeable as well.
We’ve tried to give as much information as possible about our plant and the nearest plans of our development on our site.

1. actual products list
2. planned products list
3. our advantages
4. time of order execution
5. time of products delivery to clients

1. Actual products list
Many bearings plants deliver balls as separate parts, but only the “ZMS Plant of the Steel Balls” produces balls from such variety of the metals:

ШХ 15, ШХ 15Ш (AISI 52100) - this bearing steel has excellent characteristics, the balls made from it are used in many industries.

95Х18 (AISI 440-C), 95Х18Ш, 110Х18МШД - these steels have been specially developed for some especial hostile environments and are used in the most important mechanisms.

12Х18Н10Т (AISI 321-H) - so called “food stainless steel” and its analogs have excellent antirust characteristics.

Aluminium АД1, Д1П and other marks are used for operational opening plugs in general.

55СМ5ФА has excellent wear-proof characteristics and is used in drilling rigs.

СТ 0-10 is easy-to-machine steel, thermal processing’s not required, used in minor gears and details, sometimes it’s through hardened by the cementing method.

Brass ЛС 59-1 is used in the ball cocks production.

The size range of the produced by the “ZMS Plant” balls is wide enough: from 1,588 mm up to 50,8 mm.
Accuracy grade is one of the most important parts of the ball’s quality (ГОСТ 3722-81).
In order to understand what a customer needs, we ask him the following questions:

1. What kind of material is the ball wanted from?
2. What is the diameter of the ball?
3. What is the accuracy grade for the ball?
4. What is the ball used for?

2. Planned products list
In our nearest plans we are to master the production of the balls with large diameters up to 75,00 mm.
In the nearest future the rollers production is starting.
In November 2009 the new “Diabolo” bullets of the three types: with flat, fillister and sharp heads have been put into production.

3. Our advantages

When we state we’re producers of the balls in range from 1,588 mm up to 50,8 mm, it means we’ll make any ball of this range, not only 109 items of the ГОСТ 3722-81.
As for the big balls (more than 30 mm), we make them by the hot stamping method, that allows to guarantee the correct fibers position in them increasing their wearing capacity and life time in that way, as opposed to the hot rolling method.